Voice Recorder with FM - 8GB

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General Description of item

This newly built Professional Voice Recorder has 2 microphones which ensures 360 degrees surround recording without any dead angle, two channels and lossless sound quality. It has been technically created for up to 99% of noise reduction degree. With 2 highly sensitive microphones, this device has a radius of 30 meters reach which means you can record a lecture or a conversation of 30 meters away. With an inbuilt 500mAh lithium battery capacity, this device ensures you record for more than 30hours and play back your recorded items or stored music for over 20 hours.
This device comes with four recording scenes which are: Normal, Noisy, Meeting and Long Distance scenes. The best recording scene can be obtained according to the setting of the user's actual scene.
This device records on ACT at 8 kbps, MP3 at 32 kbps, 64 kbps and 128 kbps. For an effective noise reduction function, it recommended to record on WAV at 512 kbps, 768 kbps, 1024 kbps and 1536 kbps.
The 8GB capacity device can record continuously for between 12 hours on the highest recording quality of 1536 kbps and 2200 hours on the lowest recording quality of 8 kbps.

Condition: New

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